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Old Sofa Removal in Indianapolis

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If your household, or whatever it is you call home, is anything like mine, then you probably have an old couch stashed away somewhere in your house. It may have started as a “time to replace the old sofa” where you wanted to keep it, but you lost out to your better half since it had a couple stains and small rips. However, rather than get rid of it out right, you used your skillful negotiating tactics to “meet halfway” and let you keep the couch but just not leave it in the living room. Victory is ours! Wait, now what? Again, if you’re anything like me, you may have won the battle but lost the war because the couch is now stowed away in the basement and used less than your New Year’s resolution blender. Worry not, for old sofa removal in Indianapolis, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal can make sure it ends up in the right hands or at lease out of your basement where it’s collecting cob webs.

Old Sofa Removal in Indianapolis

old sofa removal in indianapolis

The Old Sofa That Inspired This Post!

Our process is simple. We always work from a starting point of trying to donate the sofa so that it can get a new lease on life with someone who needs it. If, and only if, we are unable to find a charitable organization that will take the couch, will we have to find a recycling option. If we are able to donate the couch on your behalf, then we will send you the tax deductible receipt. See, the trusty old couch still comes through, even on its last leg!

How do you take advantage of this offer so you and your significant other can get on speaking terms again? Call 317-291-DAWG for old sofa removal in Indianapolis or email [email protected] – Our friendly representatives will ask you a few questions, get some information and put you on the schedules for an appointment time of your choosing. Once we are there, you just point and we do all the work. When finished, we will shake hands, leave you with some Fire Dawgs “memorabilia,” shake hands and be on our way!

When it comes to old sofa removal in Indianapolis, nobody makes it more stress free than Fire Dawgs Junk Removal! If you simply need us to move your old sofa within your home (say, to your basement ; ) ), Check out our brother company Moving Dawgs. They provide furniture moving in Indianapolis.

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