Indianapolis Bagster Pickup

Our Experience with Bagster Pickup Indianapolis

10 May 2012

Indianapolis Bagster Pickup
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If you are tackling a rehab project on your own and are at your local hardware store, or perhaps just browsing the internet, you may have seen an ad for a “convenient” product that holds remodeling debris in a large green bag. This green monster is only capable of holding up to 3 cubic yards of items and there are many resctrictions as to what you can put in them. According to our recent customer, she paid for the cost of the bagster itself, and would have had to pay for the pickup of the bagster which she was told to be about $100, which means she would have been into the project an additional $135 while still having done all the hauling and labor herself. We have been getting calls from customers who have purchased the bagster and are now looking for somebody to haul away its contents because the parent company won’t pick the bag up due to it being too full. According to our customer, and seeing as how we were hired to pick up the slack, this product is an expensive inconvenience.

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