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Pick up my junk in Indianapolis? You go it! We make the process incredibly simple and set it up so you can take it easy while we do the heavy lifting and dirty work. Let’s go through some of the steps.

First, get a general idea of what exactly you need picked up. Once you have a good idea of what’s going and what’s staying, let us know about the scope of the removal and the amount of unwanted items that need hauled away. With a good description of the items, we’ll be able to give you a reasonable price range that you can expect to have the service performed. Once you are comfortable with top and bottom of that price range, then we schedule an appointment that fits within your schedule.

Once we have an appointment window, we start getting some information from you like the address and a good phone number to contact you when we are on our way. After we lock you into our schedule for a two hour arrival window, then we thank you for your time and go about our day. The next time we talk, unless you have questions in between, will be at your scheduled service.

While en route to your location, our customers will give you a friendly customer call ahead. Once they arrive at your location, they will take a look at the scope of the work. So long as the load size is the same as the load that was originally described over the phone, then our uniformed and professional removers will give you a price quote within the aforementioned price range. If you accept the free, firm and no obligation quote, then they will get to work and knock it out in not time at all. If you change your mind and elect not to have the work performed, then we will shake hands and be on our way to our next appointment.

After accepting the quote and having completed the work, we will sweep and clean up in the area that we were working. While cleaning up and packing up the truck, our crew chief will shake hands again and leave you with some handy dandy magnets for Fire Dawgs and our brother businesses Moving Dawgs and Dumpster Dawgs. Then, we will move on to the final phase of the “pick up my junk in Indianapolis” phase and that is recycling, reusing, repurposing and/or donating the items that we were called to haul away. In the event we are able to donate any of the items on your behalf, we will send you back the tax deductible receipt.

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Sound easy and helpful? That because it is! Email [email protected] or call 317-291-DAWG

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