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Real Estate Junk Removal

Jan 15, 2012 | Blog, Services We Provide

While there are a number of tasks for real estate professionals have to complete and consider prior to sale, something that can often be overlooked is clearing out clutter.  To maximize profits from a sale, a home needs to look good from all perspectives.  One way to ensure that a real estate professional can provide future buyers with the best available product is to hire an affordable junk removal service in Indianapolis like Fire Dawgs to take away items that hinder the property’s shine. Keep reading to learn more about our real estate junk removal service.

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real estate junk removal

Real Estate Junk Removal Indianapolis

Two specific tasks overlooked include getting rid of junk from the attic and basement of the home, two places that are hard to access and usually contain the most clutter.  Even though the attic or basement might seem like a room that a prospective buyer won’t necessarily care about, it makes a huge difference showing an uncluttered space where the person can imagine placing their own furniture in the future.

The yard is another often overlooked spot that can make a big difference in making a sale.  Any yard waste – including fallen branches, piles of leaves, old construction materials, or piles of wood can detract from the overall value of a home. Prospective buyers should be able to easily imagine their kids and pets playing on an uncluttered and beautiful lawn. Getting rid of all this yard waste is integral before putting a home up for sale.

One huge mistake can be to show a property with a filled dumpster still nearby.  This is highly unprofessional and can drastically draw from the overall value of the home.  Any junk removal should be done in a fast and efficient manner prior to showing, without leaving behind any traces of junk that might surprise prospective buyers.

Fire Dawgs has worked on estate cleanouts with a variety of real estate agents, property managers and brokers  providing the most affordable, efficient and eco-friendly service around (we try recycle up to 50% of all materials to prevent junk from ending up in landfills).  We’ll make sure that we get all the extra clutter off of a property’s premises in a timely manner to ensure that you can make the sale.

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