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Remodeling Debris Disposal Indianapolis

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Home renovations are typically an exciting time. After all, if your household is anything like mine, then you put in a lot of planning to make this new renovation a reality and so when you finally see all that time spent budgeting and saving pay off, it is a rewarding experience. During this process, however, there seems to be an oversight that a number of homeowners and contractors are guilty of and that is what to do with all the leftover debris to make your renovation a reality. When you need remodeling debris disposal Indianapolis residents can trust, then consider these options below and make a decision that is best for you and your situation.

Remodeling Debris Disposal Indianapolis

This option is convenient when you have a vehicle that is capable of hauling all the leftover debris. Often times, a good sized pickup truck with a good truck bed will be able to haul most of the debris, if not all of it depending on your amount. However, it’s not just as simple as throwing it in the back and driving off.

  • Pros: This option is ultimately the most convenient and cheap option of the three. You will still have dump fees to pay since you need to make sure you still get rid of these items responsibly and you need to make sure you tarp the load so you don’t have debris flying out of your truck making you and your waste a liability.

  • Cons: If you don’t take proper precautions and tarp your load, you can be held responsible if something flies out. This option also entails an extra layer of work and if your load is bigger than your truck bed then it could mean multiple trips and the more trips you take, the more expensive it gets due to fuel fees and dump fees. Also, there are recycling and alternative outlets like Habitat for Humanity that you may not know of which means you may miss out an opportunity to dispose of some items responsibly.

Debris Bag

Overfilled Debris Bag

Overfilled Debris Bag

  • Pros: The pros to this product are limited because we have found that there is a lot of small fine print. However, it is intended to be a product that you can conveniently buy at hardware, home improvement stores. You can fill it with you debris and then pay for the pickup by calling the company that sells the bag.

  • Cons: There are a number of restrictions as to what you can put in this bag and how much you can put in. You can only fill it to certain levels. Despite the restrictions, you are paying a company twice (Once to buy the Bag, a second time to pick it up). Often times, you can get the same service from a hauling company for the same cost with half the hassle.

Dumpster Roll Off Service

  • Pros: The main advantage here is that you can call a company and have them drop off a large dumpster of which you can throw your debris into as you accumulate it. This eliminates the need for a pile of debris and only requires you to call the dumpster company when you are done

  • Cons:These dumpsters are large, bulky and a complete eye sore. Also, more often than not, they are a complete eye sore and the people that drop them off are not necessarily the kind of workers you would trust in and around your home. Drivers for dumpster roll off companies aren’t screened the same way that workers inside your home are. More importantly, this is typically an expensive option and can require an additional fee if you exceed certain weight limits.

Remodeling Debris Hauling Companies

  • Pros: For starters, you are getting screened, uniformed employees that you can trust in and around your home. Specifically, with our company Fire Dawgs, we go a step further and provide off duty firefighters, veterans and service members. These type of workers have a tendency to put customers minds at ease since they have a repuation of being trust, service minded workers. Aside from that, we also show up in a clean truck that has a dumpster attached to it which eliminates the need for a big, bulky dumpster that is an eye sore. Aside from the aesthetics, we are able to match the cost of renting a dumpster which makes it easier on your pocket book as well. The bonus is that we do all the loading, removing for you and the dump fees are wrapped up into one neat fee. More importantly, we make an effort to recycle, reuse and donate whatever we can from your waste on your behalf so we can honestly say that we try to find responsible solutions to your waste.

    Remodeling Debris Dump Truck

    Remodeling Debris Dump Truck

The next time you have a need for remodeling debris disposal Indianapolis can trust, then weigh your options by looking at the list below. We are confident that you will come to the conclusion that led us to starting this business which is that there is a customer friendly way to provide removal and hauling and that is Fire Dawgs. We didn’t stop there though, we went a step further and took our highly reviewed service and added a moving service in Indianapolis called Moving Dawgs.

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