Residential Junk Removal Indianapolis

Residential Junk Removal Indianapolis

12 January 2012

Are you looking for residential junk removal Indianapolis can rely on? You have come to the right place! Fire Dawgs specializes in residential junk removal in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. We are a local, veteran and firefighter owned and operated company. Our trained, professional junk removal technicians are ready to serve you! Keep reading to learn more about a residential junk removal job that we recently completed for a client in Southport.

Residential Junk Removal Indianapolis Can Trust

Check out this truck! This is an example of a residential junk removal job that we completed off of Southport road on the south side of Indianapolis. Our amazing customers often ask us “what kind of jobs we do” or “what kind of stuff do you take?”. These are great questions!  In order to better clarify our answers to these questions, we thought we should start putting up examples and illustrations to give future customers better clarity and perspective.

This specific picture is from a residential junk removal job. We removed and hauled away the remnants from an old swing set and trampoline. Swing sets and trampolines are both very popular items customers call us to have hauled away! This project ended up being about 1/2 a dump load. If you have any questions about your junk removal job, please drop us a line! We would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Residential Junk Removal Indianapolis
Residential Junk Removal

Scheduling Residential Junk Removal Indianapolis

Scheduling residential junk removal Indianapolis can trust is easy with Fire Dawgs. All you have to do is call us at 317-291-DAWG or Contact Us anytime (day or night) online. We are here to help answer any questions or get you set up for a free estimate.

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