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Rubbish Removal Indianapolis

BBB A+ Rated and Recipient of the 2020 Torch Award for Business of Integrity

Rubbish, aside from being a British term to describe garbage, is also a service that we provide customers to get rid of junk, trash and yes, garbage. Getting rid of unwanted items doesn’t always have to be an accumulation of old pieces of furniture, bad presents and old kitchen appliances; there are also times when we can just have too much rubbish. Whether it’s from your recent move, a long weekend of friends and family or the remnants from a house party, it is easy to have the trash and rubbish pile up. If you don’t want to wait, or just can’t afford to wait for your local trash company to haul away your rubbish, then you should call 317-291-DAWG. For years, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal has provided rubbish removal Indianapolis customers can trust!

Our company is owned and operated by Firefighters, Veterans and Service members which is an extra layer of security since you will be able to trust our removers in and around you home. Don’t be distracted by our name, Fire Dawgs. Just because ‘Junk’ is our game, doesn’t mean we aren’t a friend of the environment. We aim to Recycle, Reuse or Donate as much as possible! You can reach us at 317-291-DAWG or you can simply shoot us an email and Order Online!

Call 317-291-3294 for rubbish and junk hauling in Indianapolis or you can send us an email and Order Online!

Services in Addition to Rubbish Removal Indianapolis Can Trust:

Fire Dawgs is your professional and trusted alternative for rubbish removal in Indianapolis, but we can also help you with these great services below:

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