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Scrap Wood and Debris Removal Indianapolis

A customer recently called us because her and her husband had started remodeling their kids room in the basement and wanted to upgrade the space to accommodate their growing family. The problem, and it becomes so with a lot of do it yourselfers, is that they got the inspiration to get started and just started tearing down walls, ripping up carpet, taking down ceiling tiles and ripping up tac strips. Kudos for the work ethic, but what happens when you accumulate a pile of scrap wood and debris is that it can actually discourage you from moving forward with the project.

The pile of scrap wood and debris just sits there while you figure out how to get rid of it. “I can do it myself” you might say, but then you still have to pay the dump fees and the additional labor, not to mention find the carrier of the scrap wood and debris. If you find a convenient ad for a green bag that alleges it will save you money on your project and have a truck come pick it up when you are ready. However, look closely at the cost. What you will pay for this green bag and the pick up is the same you could pay Fire Dawgs for junk removal Indianapolis can trust with no fine print.  You may also say, “I can borrow my buddy’s pick up and do it myself.” Indeed, you can, but after paying dump fees and doing the work yourself, when you say what you could have paid us to take care of your headache, you may have wished you just would have called Fire Dawgs for trash hauling Noblesville and all of Indianapolis’ surrounding areas can use.

These small little piles of scrap wood and debris may not seem like much, and it truly is not much if you don’t let it sit there while the days go by. Call our off duty firefighters at Fire Dawgs and see why we have a reputation for unparalleled customer service with affordable rates that make your small projects seem like a breeze. The next time you have a need for trash hauling Indianapolis and all of the other surrounding areas can use and trust, call 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected]

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