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So, it’s that time of year again! The weather is inviting, the grass is growing and you are breaking out the patio furniture. However, before you start throwing wood in the fire pit, first consider if your house is guest ready. What I mean is, have you taken care of your spring cleaning? The professionals at Fire Dawgs can help with spring clean up Indianapolis customers can trust. Keep reading to learn more about our spring cleaning and junk removal services.

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spring clean up indianapolis

Just know, that spring cleaning doesn’t just mean dusting off the TV and cleaning the floors, nowadays, it also means cleaning up and cleaning out ares like your garage, your attic and your basement. After all, if you’re going to have these areas as a part of your home for your family and friends, shouldn’t you be able to walk through those spaces without clutter getting in the way?

It’s so easy to let the areas in our home fill up with clutter, trash and junk that we forget about it until we need the space. But, by then it might be too late! Get ahead of the ball and clean up your home, yard and other spaces on your property by getting rid of old junk and clutter.

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