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$99 Junk Removal in Indianapolis

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Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is proud to provide $99 junk removal in Indianapolis. From construction debris, to fridges and appliances, we are able to haul it all away! How do we do it?

Your Premier Junk Removal Service!

Our two person crews are standing by and ready to get all of your trash, clutter, and other undesirable items hauled away. Our 16 cubic yard mini dump trucks are packed full of the proper tools and equipment to remove your items! Once our crew finishes, they will walk through the completed project, ensuring that they have provided a service you are satisfied about. But how can you get your $99 Junk Removal in Indianapolis?

What Qualifies for the $99 Junk Removal in Indianapolis?

Our $99 Junk Removal in Indianapolis applies to our minimum load size. Additionally, the pick up needs to be “Curbside”. But what qualifies as a curbside pick up? If your minimum load is in your garage, and we can back up to it, it counts! Additionally, if the pick up is on your driveway or curbside next to the road, it counts to our minimum pick up.

How do you know if your load size will be considered a minimum? A minimum load size is the volume of a fridge or less. If your items add up to more than our minimum, it does not apply for the $99 pick up. To know for sure how much you have, we provide free, in person estimates. Once we take a look at it in person, an exact price is given before we haul anything away. The price always includes all the labor, transportation, and disposal fees. It’s as easy as that! But how can you get your free in person estimate?

I Am Ready to Get My Junk Removed!

We can’t wait to help you! Give our amazing customer service representatives a call today to get set up with a free, in person estimate! They will walk you step by step, answering any questions you may have. Are you unable to call and prefer us to reach out to you? Contact us online here and we will call at a time that works best for you! Perhaps you have pictures and videos to send in to show what you are looking to have hauled away. Fire Dawgs would love to see! Send them to us at 317-460-1398!

Fire Dawgs helps to transform your spaces from cluttered to clutter free every day. We love showing just what we are capable of, as well as our amazing Dawg Tough Team. Want to see for yourself? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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