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How many of you out there have a certain number of Christmas movies you watch when it gets to be this time of year? I am definitely guilty and we here at the Fire Dawgs & Moving Dawgs family love the Christmas spirit and definitely enjoy a certain number of movies. Whether it be A Christmas Story, Elf, It’s A Wonder Life, or a fan favorite, Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. Now that we’ve started this business we watch that movie and think, how did he get rid of that big tree in the movie that got cooked?! Odds are, Chevy looked for a company likes ours, as you should for Christmas tree removal you can trust. Or, that’s just what we like to think 🙂

You see, the problems that a natural Christmas tree pose, other than a squirrel jumping out at you as what happened to Chevy in the film, is that you have to get rid of them! If you don’t want to wait on someone else’s schedule, then give us a call. We are providing natural Christmas tree removal for the weeks after Christmas or for as long as you need us and choose to keep your tree up! If you take it out to the curb then our fee is even less than normal. If you need us to come in and haul it out ourselves, the fee is just a bit more. These are the lowest rates we offer so if you have a need for natural Christmas tree removal Indianapolis can trust then give us a call. When it comes to natural Christmas tree removal, we are able to recycle the trees as opposed to fake trees. If you get a neighbor involved, we’ll knock $5 off for each both you and your neighbor.

Christmas Tree Removal

But wait, there’s more!! (That was my best cheesy car salesman commercial voice) For fake tree’s, we have an affordable solution. Our normal minimum is $90 for any job, but in light of the holiday spirit, we will haul away, dispose and provide fake Christmas tree removal for $10 OFF. The reason the fee is more than for a natural tree are the disposal fees and the extra fuel involved in trying to get them to a donation site. However, that’s still a good deal and we’d be happy to help you should you need it. Worried about the people in and around your home during the holiday season? Don’t be! All our employees are screened, uniformed professionals that are either off duty firefighters, veterans or current service members. We always aim to provide the best level of customer service possible and as a result won 3 Angie’s List Super Service Awards! For junk hauling Indianapolis can trust or for moving services Indianapolis can trust, Call 317-291-DAWG today!




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