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Fire Dawgs recently¬†got an email into our Customer Care Center from a man needing us to “Clean Out House Indianapolis” Hey, sometimes you know what you want and you don’t need a lot of words, typos and all! We can appreciate that, so we got back to the customer right away and since he preferred email we replied that we are more than happy to “Clean Out House Indianapolis.” ūüôā

After establishing contact via email, our customer wanted us to come out and take a look at the project. Turned out that he was not the one that had created the need for the cleanout, but was instead helping a friend who was overwhelmed with the amount of junk and clutter that they had left overtake their home. This is a pretty common thing so we assured out customer that not only could we help, but that after getting to work he would be amazed at how fast we can return the space back to normal. Not only did he make the right choice in selecting Fire Dawgs, but he was making the right choice helping his friend because a fresh start can be good for us all, but especially people who have let clutter overrun their home.

Clean Out House Indianapolis

After going over the scope of work and how involved it would be, we gave our customer a price quote. He and his friends had been considering tackling the project themselves and having a dumpster dropped off. It would have taken two dumpsters and a lot of friends helping over periods of days to accomplish what would only take us one day. Below is a picture from the job that had our customer email us for “Clean Out House Indianapolis.”

The above picture illustrates only one room of the house. Most rooms were this bad or worse so when our customer heard our reasonable price and then considered the overwhelming amount of work that would be waiting for him should he choose to take the job himself, he gladly left it to the professionals at Junk Dawgs. When it comes to providing junk removal Indianapolis ¬†our screened, uniformed removers are up for any challenge that you can send our way. We’re not saying it won’t take a lot of sweat, time and physically demanding work, as this job did, but we like tackling new challenges and seeing the reflief and amazement in customer’s faces when we are finished.

After having lived with a room that for so long had been inaccessible due to junk and clutter, the customer and the customer’s friend were so overwhelmed and happy that they gave our removers a hug! We were confident that we met the demand of our customer’s original request, albeit unique and to the point, of “clean out house Indianapolis.”

If you, or a friend you know has a need for services like those illustrated above, Click Here and learn more about our firefighter and veteran owned business. If you are needing to de-clutter because you are in the process of moving then you should check out our Indianapolis Movers at Moving Dawgs!

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