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Garage Cleanout in Indianapolis

Garage Cleanout

The below picture illustrates the before picture of a garage cleanout in Indianapolis. Fire Dawgs provides garage cleanouts on a regular basis, but this is just one of many services that we provide. If you visit our Full Service Junk Removal page, you can get a complete list of our services.

More on Garage Cleanout in Indianapolis

On this particular job, we filled the entire truck with the clutter, junk and unwanted items that our customer wanted to get rid of; while some of the items were in fact junk that we could not salvage, we were able to donate a number of items to Goodwill and keep those items in circulation and find them a new home with a needy family. Charitable Donations in Indianapolis is another one of our services and we do our best to donate, recycle and reuse as many of the items that we haul away as possible.

The below picture illustrates the “after” picture from our garage cleanout in Indianapolis. After filling our dump bed, with us doing the loading and hauling, our customer was able to relax as we went to work for her and gave her the garage space she needed. Once we were done loading, we swept up and ensure that our customer was satisfied. Call 1-800-712-JUNK when you have a need for garage cleanout or junk removal in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

For more information on our garage clean out services, check out our customer reviews on Google.

Garage Cleanout - After

Garage Cleanout – After

Scheduling Garage Cleanout in Indianapolis

Are you ready to schedule your garage cleanout service with Fire Dawgs? We are here to help! Just give us a call at 317-291-3294 or Contact Us online. We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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