Indianapolis Garage Trash Removal

Garage Trash Removal Indianapolis

5 May 2012

Indianapolis Garage Trash Removal
Garage Trash Removal Indianapolis Before

It’s an unfortunate experience, but is a common occurrence in that a lot of people can relate to, and that’s dealing with the belongings that a loved one leaves behind. Sifting through the belongings of a family member or friend can be an overwhelming experience for a lot of reasons, but the experience is not always nostalgic. Sometimes, it is overwhelming because there is a lot of junk that our loved ones have been storing, hoarding in the incovenient areas likes our basement, attic or garage. Recently, we were called for an estate cleanout that turned out to be garage trash removal Indianapolis.

Within the trash removal Indianapolis job, we also found a few items that were still in good shape and may have been something the gentleman handling the estate would like to keep so we made sure to put those items aside. Also, within our junk removal Indianapolis jobs, we do our best to sift through the items for things that we can recycle, reuse or donate to those that can keep items in circulation rather than taking them straight to the dump, which is always our last option.

Aside from our conscientious attitude towards the items that we remove and haul away, we also have within our workforce a built in understanding and focus that can adjust to the unique situations we come across. Whether it be a hoarding situation, the passing of a family member, or cleaning out a long time home, our off duty firefighters are trained in the situational dynamics that allow us to provide unparalleled customer service. Having been trained in how to deal with a wide variety of emergencies, we have instilled within us the type of customer service attitude you should expect from a business. We have a wide service area, such as junk removal Carmel, which is one of the many surrounding areas around Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Garage Trash Removal After
Garage Trash Removal After