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Paint Recycling in Indianapolis

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Do you have old or left over paint from project that you’re looking to get rid of? WAIT! Disposing of you paint improperly can cause harm to the environment and to those around you. You should consider recycling your paint in order to properly dispose of it. But where can you do paint recycling in Indianapolis? Keep reading our blog to find out!

Paint Recycling in Indianapolis

Why it is Important to Recycle Your Pain

While most regular household items can be disposed of with your normal, day to day trash service, chemicals such as household cleaners, yard chemicals, and paint cannot be mixed in. While other harsher chemicals are understandable, why is paint considered a toxic chemical and why can’t it be placed with other trash?

Most paints are made with chemicals that are highly toxic and carcinogenic, causing short term and long term damage. Furthermore, paint also releases most of its chemicals into the air during the drying process. These toxins create ozone, which when left in a room is hazardous, but when left outside leads to long term damage to the ozone layer in our atmosphere. When paint is recycled, it is typically either re-blended or reprocessed, depending on the needs are at the time. These are mixed and distributed to major manufactures to recolor and use again.

But where can you find the best place for paint recycling in Indianapolis? Click the link here to find out where the nearest ToxDrop event is occurring near you!

But Where Does Fire Dawgs Come in For Paint Recycling in Indianapolis?

Unfortunately Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is not a center for paint recycling, nor do we take paint to be recycled. However, we will take you take your old or unused paint IF the paint is dried and not still in a liquid form during one of our services. Meaning, the paint is in a solid form and can’t be used. To determine if your paint cans meet this requirement, check to if your paint makes a “sloshing” noise when you shake it. If it does, then you need to have it dried before our service. Read our other blog to learn how to properly dispose of paint. Otherwise, our team will NOT take your paint cans. But what services does Fire Dawgs Junk Removal provide?

Fire Dawgs Junk Removal


Fire Dawgs Junk Removal provides a variety of home and office services! We are firefighter founded and veteran owned! We can handle any job from construction debris removal to brush removal — and even simple curbside junk pick-up. Our crews take on the tough jobs that the other guys won’t and get “IT” done! But the best part about Fire Dawgs? We reuse, recycle, or donate over 60% of the items we haul away! Helping you go green!

Here is list of our most popular services:

See a full list of all the services we offer. Want to learn more about our cost of service? Then check out pricing page. Still unable to judge how much your service will cost? We can provide a free, in person estimate to get you the price on your service! But what have past customers said about their service?


“Jeremy and Ben were extremely courteous and professional. They explained the charges thoroughly and loaded our items from the garage in a speedy manner. We will definitely use your services again in the future. Thank you for your kindness on such a cold winter day! We highly recommend this business.” — Happy Customer, Google Reviews

This is just one of our thousands of 5-star testimonials from satisfied customers. Head on over to our reviews page for more. But are you ready to get started with Fire Dawgs? Then keep reading for more information.


Interested in receiving a free, in person estimate? Give our friendly and well-trained customer service team a call and they’ll help you set up an estimate and answer any questions you may have! Give us a call at 800-211-DAWG ! Not able to give us a call for whatever reason? We’ll call you! Contact us online here to find a time that works best for you and we’ll reach out to you at your connivence. Have questions about our Indianapolis junk removal services and estimates? Text us at 317-597-4744 and a customer service representative

Want to see how Fire Dawgs can transform your space? Follow Fire Dawgs Junk Removal on InstagramTikTokFacebook, and Twitter to see how our team in action! We hope we provided you with valuable information on where to recycle paint in Indianapolis and we hope to earn your business and add YOU to our growing family!

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