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Paint Recycling in Indianapolis

Paint Recycling Indianapolis

While most regular household items can be disposed of with your normal, day to day trash service, chemicals such as household cleaners, yard chemicals, and paint cannot be mixed in. While other harsher chemicals are understandable, why is paint considered a toxic chemical and why can’t it be placed with other trash? And Where can I find the best place for paint recycling in Indianapolis?

Most paints are made with chemicals that are highly toxic and cacogenic, causing short term and long term damage. Furthermore, paint also releases most of its chemicals into the air during the drying process. These toxins create ozone, which when left in a room is hazardous, but when left outside leads to long term damage to the ozone layer in our atmosphere.

When paint is recycled, it is typically either re-blended or reprocessed, depending on the needs are at the time. These are mixed and distributed to major manufactures to recolor and use again.

So where does Fire Dawgs come in for paint recycling in Indianapolis?

Unlike other junk haulers, we take the time to ensure that your paint is being recycled as to not affect our community, or violate Indiana state law. At our shop, we ensure proper separation of recyclables, donations, and waste. Each goes to its proper locations, including Toxdrop, Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, The Salvation Army. We send out crews in two man teams in a mini dump truck.  It’s quite large and holds roughly 5 pick up truck beds. We will take all of your unwanted items to either be disposed of or recycled/reused. With your paint, ensure that your paint is recycled in Indianapolis


Ready to recycle your old paint?

Give us a call at 317-291-3294 to get a firm, free, no obligation estimate today! We will come out with a two man crew in a mini dump truck to haul away your unwanted trash, donatables, and recyclables. You can also contact us on our contact page, as well as via text at 317-460-1398. Find us also on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media’s to follow the Dawg Pack!

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