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Where to Recycle Lights Bulbs in Indianapolis

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Are you in the dark about Where to Recycle Lights Bulbs in Indianapolis? Have no fear! Fire Dawgs is here to shed some light on the situation. Thankfully, LED lightbulbs last longer, so they you don’t have to change or recycle them as much. However, there is still a huge need for recycling old lightbulbs, including CFL bulbs. You have a few options for light bulb recycling if you are in Indianapolis. Let’s look at these options below.

Where to Recycle Lights Bulbs in Indianapolis

Where to Recycle Lights Bulbs in Indianapolis

The Tox Drop Program 

Marion County residents have a great resource available called the Tox Drop Program. Tox Drops are locations where you can properly and safely dispose of your Household Hazardous Waste products, including light bulbs. What is Household Hazardous Waste? Learn more about HHW here. Also, be aware that Tox Drop locations around the city are open at different times and days of the week. So, check the Tox Drop site here before you go! You can also bring items like batteries, paint, cleaning products, and electronic waste for disposal.

Batteries Plus

You can actually take your spent light bulbs to be recycled at Batteries Plus. Batteries Plus Light Bulbs will take halogen light bulbs, spot/flood lamps, fluorescent tubes, CFL bulbs, and more! Be sure to check their website full a complete list of the light bulbs and batteries they take for recycling.

A List of Additional Options 

Here’s an additional list of where to recycle light bulbs in Indianapolis.

We hope we’ve helped shed some light on where to recycle light bulbs in Indianapolis! Let us know if you have any other questions, or if you need a free junk removal estimate. Our team is here to help and answer all your questions. You can call us at 317-291-3294. Or, you can always Contact Us online anytime.



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