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When we moved into our house, we knew we had a little work to do with the “curb appeal” and so right away, we got to work sprucing up the front yard. After putting down some mulch, flowers, throwing down some gardening border, we started to see some improvement. As soon as we finished the small areas in front of the house, we knew that we had to take down the hedges that looked more like a wall preventing us from getting to know our neighbors and since we liked our neighbors, the sawzall came out and the hedges came down. One full dump truck of brush later, we started to breathe new life into the front yard. But just when we thought we might be done, the mutant shrub one the side of the house reared its ugly head. If your situation is anything like mind, then you may need brush removal Westfield IN residents can trust.

Fire Dawgs Can Pickup and Haul Away Brush in Indianapolis!

Pickup and Haul Away Brush in Indianapolis

Much like the front of the house, I had to get to work on the side of the house as well because I knew if I just trimmed the mutant shrub it would only continue to grow back, like a bad weed. So, I got to work and started yet another pile of brush. Fortunately, I had multiple disposal options available just as you would if you need brush removal Westfield IN can trust.

  1. Fire Dawgs Junk Removal – Hire our team at Fire Dawgs Junk Removal and not only can we cut down the brush, load it into our dump truck and haul it away, but we will also recycle it so that it can be turned into mulch!

Call 317-291-DAWG or email [email protected] for more info on brush removal Westfield IN can trust. Don’t let the mutant shrubs win!


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