Where to Get Rid of Tires in Indianapolis

Where to Get Rid of Tires in Indianapolis

17 April 2019

Are you looking for information on Where to Get Rid of Tires in Indianapolis? We have your answers. No one wants old tires hanging around their yard or properties, and tires can be difficult to get rid of. You can’t dispose of tires in your weekly municipal trash pick up. Furthermore, it is illegal to burn them or dump them in unauthorized locations. So, what do you do with old tires in the Indianapolis area? Learn how below!

Options for Where to Get Rid of Tires in Indianapolis

Where to Get Rid of Tires in Indianapolis
Where to Get Rid of Tires in Indianapolis

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Get of Tires 

The quickest and easiest way to get rid of tires in Indianapolis is to call Fire Dawgs Junk Removal. We remove and recycle any type of tires you may have, including tractor tires. We do get charged a fee per tire (like everyone else) at the recycling facility. Learn more about that fee here on our surcharge page.

We are definitely the fastest tire removal option. All you have to do is Contact Us online or call 317-291-3294. Many times, we even have same day service available. It doesn’t matter if you have one tire or one hundred. We can remove and recycle any amount of tires you may need.

You can place your unwanted tires curbside for a cheaper tire removal rate, or we can go anywhere on your property to get them. Just give us a call or contact us online for a free estimate.  Now that we’ve told you a little bit about our Tire Removal service, here are your DYI options.

DIY Options For Getting Rid of Old Tires in Indianapolis

Why It’s Important to Dispose of Tires Properly

Finally, we just have to mention the importance of disposing of tires properly. Tires are a breeding ground for mosquitos and rodents when illegally dumped or improperly stockpiled. Furthermore, tires can be a fire hazard and should never be burned. When a tire burns, it releases toxic gases into the air. They also leave behind a hazardous, oily residue that is toxic to ground water and streams. We hope you will use this guide to properly dispose of tires and protect our environment.

2 thoughts on “Where to Get Rid of Tires in Indianapolis”

  1. Looking for a quote on removing automotive tires. We are an auto repair shop and have been working with another removal service but they are not always timely enough for our business. We usually have between 100 and 200 tires in the same location to remove at a time and we do nothing larger that 20 inch passenger car tires. If you could give me a quote, I would appreciate it.

    1. Hi Aaron! Sorry we are just now getting to this comment. Our pending comments were hidden in a folder! We would be happy to get you that quote for tire removal. How would you like us to reach out with a quote? Does the email you provided work best? Let us know. Thank you!

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