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Big Trash Pickup Indianapolis

trash pickup Indianapolis

Death and Taxes… and Trash! It’s inevitable, we all accumulate and create trash or waste. More often than not, we have a weekly pickup service that will come and grab our Hefty bags from our 55 gallon buckets and be on the way with those smelly baags. However, there are a number of restrictions that come with our weekly service. You can only fill so much, you can put big items out, if you go over the one bin they leave you there is a surcharge or they will just leave the bags of trash on your curb. That’s NO BUENO!!

trash pickup Indianapolis

Got Lots of Trash? Fire Dawgs provides Trash Pickup in Indianapolis

Aside from having too many bags of trash after a week of guests or just an over production of waste, what happens when you have big trash or bulky pickups you are needing to put our for pickup? There’s not very many options for you with the weekly trash pickup companies regarding big trash aside from the fact that most time they won’t take that either! Here is a Scenario that often faces homeowners.

  1. You put out a couple larger items, maybe an old Lay-Z-Boy, with your weekly trash
  2. Trash Companies come and go and leave the items you really need to get rid of.
  3. You call your weekly company, maybe a little angrily, to find out whey they didn’t take those items and they don’t have a good answer for you
  4. After you vent your frustration, you go to the search engines and type in big trash pickup Indianapolis
  5. You find an incredibly awesome company with family friendly branding called Fire Dawgs 😉
  6. You call us to find out about our affordable rates and take advantage of our online ordering coupon and get $25
  7. We schedule a stress free service and a convenient time for you and more than likely you don’t even have to be there. You can call in with a credit card number to pay rather than having to be there in the event you have a busy work day
  8. After all is said and done, you found a professional and dependable company to use for trash pickup and junk removal for the future. After all, we do much more than just trash hauling, we also do junk hauling, property cleanouts, light demo, brush removal and more. We also have a brother company that is an Indianapolis Moving Company.

The next time your local trash company lets you down and you need a company for affordable big trash pickup, call 317-291-DAWG or email info@junkdawgs today and we will take care of you now and for the future!

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