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Projection TV Disposal Indianapolis

12 April 2013

How many of you have a need for projection TV Disposal Indianapolis can trust? You may not know the answer to this question because you either don’t know what a projection TV is or because you may be under the impression that the disposal of these items is a piece of cake. So, I wanted to write this blog entry titled “Projection TV Disposal Indianapolis” so can inform the residents of our wonderful city and surrounding areas on what exactly a projection TV is as well as educate you on the disposal process.


Projection TV Disposal Indianapolis
Projection TV Disposal Indianapolis

I think we all have had or still have a projection TV that looks something like this. They are big, bulky and take up a lot of room. More importantly, they are incredibly heavy! I still remember in college trying to lug one of these things up to the second floor of our new apartment with just one buddy. We got five steps in and realized we were in over our head so we called for back while holding the TV in place and sweat dripping off our face. Crisis was averted but that memory stuck with me and has taught me not only to be prepared for big moves and removals like this one, but it also taught that we can train our crews to be proficient at them as well.

Projection TV Disposal Indianapolis Can Trust

Now that we have illustrated what a projection TV looks like, know that any TV that is comparable in size or scope is pretty much a projection TV. That is pertinent information when hiring us for the removal because it comes with a $30 surcharge. The surcharge is in place both due to the difficult of the removal but also because of the extra fees associated with disposing an e-waste item like a projection TV. In Indiana, they are supposed to be recycled responsibly.

How do you know if you need projection TV disposal Indianapolis and the surrounding areas can trust? Ask yourself, have you watched this television in a while or have you moved your viewing pleasure to a more frequented flat screen. Does it still work? Does it take up too much room? I know, some customers don’t want to let go and if they do they don’t want to just see it dumped. GOOD NEWS!! Built into the cost of the removal is our efforts to Recycle, Reuse or Donate as many items as possible! So, if we can, we will donate the bulky item on your behalf to a charitable organization AND THEN send the tax receipt back to you 🙂

For projection TV Disposal Indianapolis can trust, call Fire Dawgs at 1-800-712-JUNK. We provide full service junk removal with a professional standard. However, if you need moving services for your large TV, then check out our brother company Moving Dawgs.