Trash Removal Indianapolis IN

4 February 2012

Trash Removal Indianapolis IN Can Trust Whether you call it junk removal, junk hauling, junk pickup or trash removal, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal is the  locally owned, Indianapolis company to handle all of your disposal needs. The assumption might be that trash removal is handled by the company that comes by once a week and …

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Charitable Donations in Indianapolis

25 January 2012

Fire Dawgs Picks Up Charitable Donations in Indianapolis On one of our most recent junk removal jobs in Indianapolis, our customer asked us if we would be willing to donate a few things that they were thinking about getting rid of to go alongside the junk they wanted hauled away.  This was no problem of course …

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Hot Tub Removal in Indianapolis

18 January 2012

Fire Dawgs Specializes in Hot Tub Removal in Indianapolis A service that we provide with our junk removal company in Indianapolis is hot tub disposal. Customers frequently are searching for someone to help get rid of the one time piece of leisure equipment, but don’t always know what to do with the large bulky item. …

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Real Estate Junk Removal

15 January 2012

While there are a number of tasks for real estate professionals have to complete and consider prior to sale, something that can often be overlooked is clearing out clutter.  To maximize profits from a sale, a home needs to look good from all perspectives.  One way to ensure that a real estate professional can provide future …

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Rubbish Removal in Indianapolis

12 January 2012

Recently, Fire Dawgs Junk Removal was called to clean up an area behind a commercial building on the West Side of Indianapolis. The property manager wanted us to clean out a storage area behind their building. After looking over the materials, we estimated that it was close to a full load but Fire Dawgs offers …

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